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Finish Tab

In the finish tab you can define the log file for the transfer, create a short cut with the current settings and start the transfer.

Log File

Here you can choose the a file where DbTransfer writes logs about the transfer.

Don't show user interface

When you enable this check box the command line interface will be used for the transfer instead of the graphical user interface.

Close Window when finished

When you enable this check box then the graphical user interface of DbTransfer will be automatically closed when the transfer has successfully finished.

When the transfer failed the user interface will be kept open.

Save Settings

Click this button to save the current transfer settings, so you can reuse them later. When you have saved the settings you can use the "Recent/Saves settings" button in the start section, to load the settings.

Create Shortcut

When you click this button, you can save a Shortcut (Batch-File or Shortcut-File) with the current settings, to start the transfer again later.