in.dataTypes Argument

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in.dataTypes Argument

The in.dataTypes argument specifies how DbTransfer should read values from the excel file.






This argument is optional. If not specified the mode "Text" is used.

Possible values

Text or Native


DbTransfer will interpret values as their native excel data types in excel files.

For example decimals are always interpreted as numbers and texts will always be interpreted as texts even if they contain numbers.


DbTransfer expects all values in the excel file to be stored as texts.

For example decimals are not stored as numbers in the excel file but as a text.

DbTransfer will then automatically convert the values stored as text to the actual data types used in the destination (according to the settings specified in the Data Format section).

You must use this option if you want to import an excel file that you have previously exported with DbTransfer where you also choose this mode for the export.